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Grillin n Chillin

Miami kicks off BBQ season for the whole family, including your four-legged best friends, with Grillin N Chillin, the Miami BBQ Festival held in Wynwood. Spend the day in Miami’s favorite ever-evolving arts district and experience the best BBQ in a variety of distinctive styles from Memphis, Texas or Kansas City barbecue to the well-known Brazilian Churrasco and Argentine Parrillada. Kids will have a blast in the family fun zone, while dogs meet and greet each other in their very own playground and adults unwind with a cold beer, great food and live music in Whiskey Dick’s, a pop-up lounge. The Kitchen Lab–hosted by the best in the biz–will offer the most ambitious attendees the chance to workshop and learn tips and tricks to master the perfect sun-kissed recipes and authentic BBQ cuisines. As the name suggests, don’t miss your chance to Grill N Chill with us!

Local Florida Breweries

All type of BBQ

Being at Grillin N Chillin BBQ Festival will be like being in Willy Wonka’s – if he made ribs. Truth is there are so many types and styles of BBQ that it would be difficult to try them all. And if you consider today’s propensity to fuse styles together (yes, we’re talking about fusion), well, then there are endless possibilities. Whether you cook with rubs or sauces, grills or smokers, pork or beef – it’s all BBQ and we love it! See what’s cooking at Grillin N Chillin!

Beer Games

Contests & Battles

One thing we can say about this country is that we love competition. From the gridiron to the flatiron, we just love to duke it out. Grillin N Chillin BBQ Festival has some wonderful contests lined up for April with our Best Backyard Burger contest aimed for all the home-grillers out there and Greatest Grill, a restaurant battle. Check them out, vote or compete. Somehow we got the feeling everyone’s a winner with these battles.

Kitchen Lab


BBQ evokes thoughts of backyards, pools, family, barking dogs, screaming kids, singed arm hair… sorry – we got a bit carried away, but you get the picture. It’s family. And we’re family. Well, family-friendly at least. Kids under 12 enter free, all the rides at the Family Fun Zone are gratis and your cute pups are most definitely welcome! Now we are not saying you’ll get away from crying and screaming kids, but at least it’s in a park and those screams dissipate much faster out in the open.